Our Team

Kavaca McElroy

Kavaca McElroy is the proud founder of PINK UP THE PIECES. Adamant about holistic healing, it is her goal to help women to take their health into their own hands. Through PINK UP THE PIECES she aims to MOTIVATE, ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE others on how to pick up the pieces of life and overcome the traumatic adversities that has been created by the awful, dreadful DIS-EASE we all know as cancer.

LaNinfa Franklin
Treasurer/ Board Member

LaNinfa Franklin brings over 15 years of administrative experience to the table with expertise in accounting, financial planning, and correspondence.

LaNinfa holds a bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. Her expertise in business administration  makes her an invaluable asset to Pink Up the Pieces.

 LaNinfa will oversee the organization’s  financial administration, advising the board on financial strategy and fundraising.  

LaNinfa has 30+ years connection with the founder of PINK UP THE PIECES. When  Kavaca was diagnosed with cancer, LaNinfa knew it was imperative that she took this journey of healing and to inspire others of overcoming such trauma alongside Her!

Javaca Ross
Assistant/Board Member

Javaca Ross is a proud Board Member and Assistant to the Founder of PINK UP THE PIECES. She’s excited to serve and plan, as well as volunteer whenever she’s needed as part of this organization. She feels it’s an honor to serve the community alongside her mother!

Myke James
Board Member

Myke James is an entrepreneur with over 6 years experience in the business and consulting arenas. He has a deep passion for helping people and sharing unique perspectives that drive results in businesses through marketing and sales strategies. He is a professional consultant and high-ticket closer that has worked with multiple marketing agencies that have partnered with million-dollar companies. He also has 3-year experience in the sponsorship acquisition space and has partnered with a team that has acquired half a million in funding as of 2022.  

He has a passion for marketing and mindset, and is always willing to go above and beyond for his clients. He believes in deep relationships and long lasting projects.