Welcome to
Pink Up The Pieces

When individuals get a horrifying diagnosis such as cancer, it becomes a collective suffering for the family. The things we considered to be normality's (work, school, self-care, and all things that come with adulting) may come to a screeching halt, or even worse, FALL TO PIECES, in the process of dealing with this traumatic occurrence. Here at PINK UP THE PIECES we help you navigate through it all and thrive again!

Our Mission

To inspire and empower African-American women to take their health into their own hands by creating events enabling us to provide knowledge, resources, and foster a community and culture of well-being! 

Our Commitment To Survivors/Thrivers

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience
not just for the individual but also for their family members. The impact of such a
diagnosis can be far-reaching, affecting every aspect of one's life, including work,
school, and self-care. Breast cancer, in particular, can be a daunting challenge
for those who are diagnosed with it. However, there is hope for
survivors and thrivers of all kinds of cancer, including breast cancer.

The commitment to supporting these individuals and
their loved ones is crucial in helping them navigate
this difficult journey. Whether it's through
providing access to quality medical care,
emotional support, or community resources,
there is a collective effort to ensure that no
one faces cancer alone. By working together,
we can help survivors and thrivers of breast
cancer reclaim their lives and achieve their
goals, one step at a time.

We Are Here To Help!

We will make sure you have the proper resources needed to make your healing journey less stressful while keeping your vibrations high. We will help you celebrate
life even when you feel the chips are down.

We are going to dance in the rain with you!