Meet the Founder

Meet The Founder

Kavaca McElroy, CEO

Kavaca McElroy

I was born to teenage parents On Christmas Eve. Mom was 15 and Dad was 16. My mom passed away three years later at the tender age of 18 due to a horrific car accident. By that happening, it caused me to grow up with a lot of anger, resentment, and misconceptions. I literally fought my way all through grade school. All it took to trigger me was for a cruel kid to say anything demeaning about my mother and the fight ensued. I felt I was protecting my moms honor with every punch thrown! I was raised by my grandparents because my father was young and barely able to take care of himself. But I never was deprived of the necessary nurturing I needed, because both my grandmothers instilled the best they had in them, In Me!

I officially lived with my maternal grandmother who gained custody of me when my mother transitioned. Most of those years, she raised me as a single parent, which instilled in me the strength I have today.

Early Life

When I was 13 years old, my junior high school boyfriend was shot and killed. I bared the weight of that as if we were married. We were THAT CLOSE. I was awakened at 3 a.m. from a phone call informing me of what happened. I was transported to the hospital to see him hooked up to what seemed like every machine possible in the hospital. The sight was so traumatic, that its engrained in my mind forever. I spent the next few weeks after that in mourning, alongside his family. I even traveled to Shreveport Louisiana with them to bury him! This would make another of life’s major adversities I’ve had to endure!

We moved around quite often. From the rough streets of Dixon Circle in South Dallas, to Pleasant Grove, and Southeast Dallas, and ended my teenage years back in Dixon Circle where it all started. Between those transitions I went to 8 different schools, 4 elementary’ s, 2 Junior highs (in which I ran track for both) and 2 High Schools (in which I ran track for 1). My last destination school in which I graduated was Lincoln Humanities and Communications Magnet, CLASS OF 1997 (where “BACK UP OFF US” was and still is our class mantra)!!!  

My daughter was born in 2004, a year later I became a single parent. That was yet another of adversities I had to muster through!

Fast forward to June 19,2019. The day that African American people were emancipated, I was given a cancer diagnosis, which felt like a life/death sentence! I decided against chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy, and any other cancer treatments or medications for that matter. I did decided to get a double mastectomy WITH reconstruction. 

I’m adamant about holistic healing to maintain my health. I believe if you don’t take your health matters into your own hands, you will ALWAYS depend on another person for your well being!  Which has lead me down the path to THIS moment in time, where I align myself with the purpose to MOTIVATE, ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE others on how to pick up the pieces of life and overcome the traumatic adversities that has been created by the awful, dreadful DIS-EASE we all know as cancer.